The Scarcity of Semiconductor Chips has an Impact on Epson Indonesia


PT Epson Indonesia revealed that the company was affected by the shortage of semiconductor chips that had occurred since 2020.


Head of Finance and Corporate Service Division of PT Epson Indonesia, M. Husni Nurdin, said that Epson was greatly affected by the scarcity of semiconductor chips.


“So, in 2020, we are going down, but our production is better. But in 2021 we are going up but there is one problem, where we can’t grow more than 20 percent because of the scarcity of semiconductor chips, which makes production decrease. So the demand for goods is a lot but we cannot fulfill it,” said he met at the Epson Solution Center LOT 304, South Jakarta, Tuesday (29/3/2022).


Although affected by the supply of components amid a high market, Epson openly said that there was an increase in the price of its products due to the increase in the price of these components.


“From Epson itself, we are very affected by the scarcity of prices, which is supply from outside because they increase prices, we also increase the prices of our manufactured goods. But when they don’t raise prices, we won’t increase them,” he added.


Husni explained, when Epson raised the price of goods due to the increase in semiconductor chips, the retail market had already raised prices because of the scarce supply of Epson products.


“If the price increase in the market recently occurred, we have to increase it because from there the supply also increases. The increase is not large. So when the rare chip has not increased the price, but in retail, it has gone up. So when we increase the price retail is not affected, because it has gone up in the beginning,” he explained.

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