The Post-Breakup Glow-Up


The post-breakup glow-up is real. You spend a few weeks moping and a shell of your previous self. After the initial heartbreak, ice cream, crying, and dreaming of them coming back, you find yourself again. 


After a breakup, my favourite thing to do is reinvent myself with a makeover! It doesn’t have to be drastic or expensive, but putting effort into your appearance will lift your mood!



It’s time to throw out all of their clothes. Constant reminders of an ex won’t help you move on! If you lounge around in their hoodies or sleep in their t-shirts, it will benefit you to change. Buying a new tracksuit to lounge in or a pair of pyjamas will get them out of your head, and make you feel more put together. 


It’s okay to spend money on yourself after a breakup! You deserve a little pick me up!


Hair And Body

After a breakup, I like to dedicate a day to sitting alone and pampering myself. 


Wash and change your bed sheets so they’re clean and soft for when you get back into bed!


Then, have a shower. I shave and exfoliate my legs and do a hair mask so my hair looks its best. If you have the time, it’s nice to have a warm bubble bath after the shower. You can watch a film and drink a glass of wine, and because you’re already clean you can use it to relax. 


After my bath, I use a vanilla-scented moisturiser because it’s my favourite; I also like to use a drop of vanilla extract on my wrists and neck as a natural perfume. 


For softer hair, try argan oil and Lush super milk leave-in conditioner on the ends whilst it’s drying. I love having straight hair, so I straighten my hair as a pick me up. 


Skincare is the best part of a glow-up! I use a face mask or an exfoliating mask; The Ordinary AHA 30% peeling solution is good for softening and brightening the skin. I also love Lush face masks! They’re kept in the fridge so are cold and refreshing. 


Treating Yourself

If you have some extra money and want to spend it on beauty treatments, I love getting my nails and eyelashes done. The feeling of fresh acrylics and eyelash extensions makes me feel like a new person. Whilst they can be expensive, you wake up feeling glamorous and it saves you time in the morning. Also, fresh eyelashes can dry up the tears from a breakup because you don’t want them to fall out!


French manicures are always elegant, but ombre nails are modern and beautiful. 


Whether you spend much money or not, it’s worth taking care of yourself outwardly, to make yourself feel better inside.

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