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The PKPU Process Runs Smoothly, Garuda Indonesia Rises Back

The Pkpu Process Runs Smoothly, Garuda Indonesia Rises Back

PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk is facing the process of delaying debt payment obligations (PKPU). According to flight observer Gatot Rahardjo, there was a positive signal in the PKPU process so that it became the brighter point of the company rises again. “I see that with the approval of PKPU’s request, meaning that there are positive signals from most creditors, especially from the lessor of the plane,” he said in a written statement on Thursday (12/30/2021).

Based on the information he got, said Gatot, it has been around 50 percent of the creditor who signaled positively to the efforts of the PKPU, which is being carried out by Garuda Indonesia. Then the next step is to provide a reply proposal from the creditors in response to the proposal sent by Garuda. “If it’s done, meaning that there is attention to Garuda. Hopefully in the near future, there is certainty about the fate of Garuda PKPU,” Gatot said.

He also added that as the support of the steps carried out by Garuda Indonesia, it was expected that the government as the largest shareholder should also support by providing a good climate for national flights. In addition, said Gatot, Garuda Indonesia must also continue to carry out operations because the operational will more convincing creditors that Garuda Indonesia has a bright future.

He believes, the Bula is seen from the efforts made by my optimistic, the restructuring effort that is being carried out by the red-plated airline will have a positive impact on the future. “At present, the Ministry of BUMN is encouraging the acceleration of the PKPU process. Even if it over the deadline, it actually can still (submit) additional time to court,” he said

The series of Garuda Indonesia PKPU processes
Previously, President Director of Garuda Indonesia Irfan, Persutra said the first agenda of the PKPU process submitted by PT Mitra Buana KoordPorindo (MBK) as a creditor, namely a meeting that discussed the latest conditions and challenges of business performance faced by the company. Including conveying a scheme of peace plans that have been compiled as part of the restructuring process to creditors and the management team appointed by the Central Jakarta District Court (PN).

“We will continue to be proactive, open to negotiate and dialogue peacefully and is goodwill-based with creditors and lessor for the success of the company’s restructuring,” he said Irfan stressed that PKPU was not bankruptcy but an effort to reach the best agreement regarding the steps of resolving Garuda’s business obligations Against Creditors; According to him, after the inaugural meeting on December 21, 2021, the creditor was allowed to submit a bill no later than January 5, 2022. Furthermore, there will be a tax verification and matching of receivables at the Creditor Meeting on January 19, 2021. Then it will continue with the meeting of the Peace Plan. At the same time, a voting meeting (voting) of the PKPU Plantation Peace Proposal or Proposal is on January 20, 2022. As well as the implementation of the Consultative Judges Consultative Judges Assemblies on January 21, 2022. Irfan believes the PKPU process will be a turning point for efforts to recover the performance of Garuda Indon Esia.

Therefore, the company will optimize the momentum of PKPU to be healthier and competitive. “Through the process of PKPU, which we are living, may provide a more measurable outlook on the steps of our middle performance recovery,” he said.

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