The New Moke Californian: A $40K EV With No Roof or Doors


Electric-converted Minis isn’t a new idea; the 2003 remake of The Italian Job had the BMW Minis run on electric motors for filming in the subway, and several folks have already gone and converted a variety of classic minis to run on batteries. But what about the Mini Moke?



A brief history lesson: the original Moke was designed with military use in mind, a vehicle that allowed for airdropping right in the battlefield. The lightness and simplicity is a major selling point. Its poor off-road capability and measly power was not. Most armies rejected it, but it didn’t end there. Eventually finding itself as a civilian vehicle, Austin-Mini sold the roof-and-door-less vehicle until 1968. That inspired an array of other brands and companies to sell their own versions and kit cars. It’s also a popular choice as a beach buggy.



The latest iteration of the car comes from Moke International, and it’s based on Chery Automobile’s version. Its rear electric motor gives it 44 horsepower, and if you think it needs more, feel free to try and drive above its 80 km/h top speed and enjoy the winds. Though this time round, you could have an enclosed canopy and doors as an extra. It seats four, and can deliver 119 km of range. It may sound unimpressive, but Mokes won’t be the first thing that comes to mind for long-distance travels. Colors come in Scuba Blue, Wave Blue, Granite Gray, Sunlight Yellow, and Sunlight Orange.



It’ll be an ideal niche daily-weekend-cruiser for the fun of it, if it wasn’t for the $41,900 price tag. We can’t really defend that one. But you can pay a refundable $990 reservation fee if you ever change your mind. Small, cuter EVs are starting to pop up, and while most of them are somewhat reasonably priced, we suppose we’ll happily stick with a traditional ICE Moke for now.



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