The New Blue Party


The New Blue Party was founded in 2020 by Former Cambridge Conservative MPP Belinda Karahalios and her husband; who recently registered in 2021. The party is stated to be a right-wing, social conservative, and classical liberal party.


The New Blue states they will fight to:


Restore political accountability by eliminating political parties’ $100 million taxpayer subsidy, prohibiting lobbyists from participating in party politics, and tightening down on voter fraud in internal party elections.


By canceling the Toronto Star’s $500 million online gambling license (given by the Ford PCs) and taxing all corporate media that get any of the Trudeau Liberals’ $600 million taxpayer “bailout” subsidies, defund the establishment media and foster a free press.


Grow Ontario’s economy at a rate of 5% of GDP per year, beginning with the removal of wind turbines to lower electricity prices and the reduction of regulatory burdens to boost productivity.


Reduce the HST from 13% to 10% and eliminate the Doug Ford carbon tax to provide tax relief.


Reduce administrative expenditures in education, introduce alternative schooling tax incentives, and eliminate “woke” activism by removing critical race theory and gender identity theory from our classrooms.


Expand early treatment for COVID-19 and clear the backlog of procedures by rehiring healthcare personnel and offering a variety of services to restore dignity and transparency in our healthcare.


Only a small portion of voters said they were going to vote for New Blue on June 2. With the smallest voting turnout in years there is a  possibility that the New Blue campaign was not the talk of anyone’s town and with more time New Blues campaign will pick up more voters as many Canadians who had heard of New Blue agreed with many of what they had to offer; especially in COVID-19 changes.


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