The Most Surprising Culture Shocks in Thailand

Everyone may want to know what’s so different to the point that they can get shocked when coming to Thailand. As of today, I’ve found those three interesting facts that will make you understand more about Thai culture!

1. Toilet’s bidet shower!

Normally, in some other countries, people don’t use a bidet shower after they have finished using the toilet. They just use toilet paper to clean themselves. However, in Thailand, we believe that it’s not clean enough if we only use toilet paper. That’s why almost every toilet must have the bidest shower installed.

2. Why are Thai people always curious about your meals?
There are many foreigners that used to experience Thai people asking something like “Have you eaten anything already ?” or “What did you have for lunch?”. In fact, it’s not that they really want to know what you just ate. But it’s just to show manners or care towards others. However, it depends on the situation. Sometimes, the sentence “have you eaten anything yet?” could mean they want to have a meal with you too.

3. Toilet paper on the dinner table?

You may be curious as to why the toilet paper can appear beside the tableware. Did they put it in the wrong place or something? To be honest, normally, Thai people use those toilet paper for multipurpose. They use it in the office, restaurant, and even in the kitchen. Because it’s more convenient and those papers are not literally dirty, so it’s normal to find the so-called paper everywhere!

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