The Most Popular Winter Foods to Eat Around the World

The most popular winter foods you need to eat before the season change.

At the end of 2021, we shared delicious holiday foods around the world. In the early of 2022, cold weather still accompanies us in January. What is the best about winter is foods that can warm up our mood. Some countries have their own specialty to deal with chilly temperatures. They have popular winter foods to eat in the winter season, here are popular winter foods to eat from around the world.

Dutch Oliebollen
popular winter foods to eat: oliebollen
Oliebollen from Netherlands (source: The Spruce Eats)

Oliebollen is a deep-fried dough based food; almost like a doughnut. Its deep-fried doughs are sprinkled with powdered sugar just like any doughnut but in a ball shape. Sometimes the oliebollen are filled with various toppings like custard, Nutella, or fruits. In this winter season, you can find pop-up winter food stalls anywhere that sell oliebollen. It is warm yet sweet.

Canadian BeaverTails
popular winter foods to eat: beavertails
BeaverTails from Canada (source: Tripadvisor)

It is not actually a tail of beaver soup, it is a dessert that looks like a beaver’s tail. Beaver Tails are made from stretched whole wheat flour dough and shaped into beaver tails. The dough is fried in oil until creates a golden-brown crunchy exterior. You can top your BeaverTails with any kind of toppings such as chocolate hazelnut spread, cinnamon sugar, maple cream, candy crush, or fruits.

Japanese Taiyaki
popular winter foods to eat: taiyaki
Taiyaki from Japan (source: Food Network)

This one is very popular even worldwide. Taiyaki, a fish-shaped bread with red bean paste filling, is the most popular winter food to eat in Japan. It has waffle dough-like texture; cooked in a fish-shaped mold. The exterior is crispy and fluffy inside. Usually filled with red bean paste. And the filling is also, comes in many variations which are custard, chocolate paste, matcha, and jam.

South Korean Hotteok
popular winter foods to eat: hotteok
Hotteok from South Korea (source: Asian Food Network)

South Korean foods never fail our appetite. Numerous South Korean foods are very popular around the world. But, one thing you should know, South Korea also has popular foods to eat during winter. Hotteok becomes the choice of South Korean against the winter season. Made from rice flour, Hotteok has a crunchy and chewy texture. This food is filled with honey, cinnamon, and nuts. You definitely need to eat this when it’s warm.

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