The Monster Duchess and Contract Princess.

Genre: Fantasy, Reversed time,
This is a sad story of a young girl named Leslie. She did everything for her father just to be loved. However, despite so much effort, her birth father threw her in the fire as a sacrifice instead of her sibling. She asked for help, but no one was willing to help her. Her family abandoned Leslie like she was not a part of their family. Fortunately, after the moment she was covered by the fire, her shadow attribute had awakened. This power helped her escape from the fire, but somehow it couldn’t bring back her feelings. She already felt betrayed and decided to leave this trash family.

Leslie found out that the monster duchess wanted an adoptive child in a rumour. So, she went to their mansion and offered the contract. The duchess, who was flabbergasted by Leslie’s powerful attribute, decided to help her right away. Even though leaving her family was never an easy task, everyone helped her leave successfully in the end.

After she was being adopted, Leslie could, for the first time, feel the love of a family she had longed for. She could feel a warm sensation rumbling in her body as everyone in her new family greeted and welcomed her. This is where the real story of the female lead begins.

This manhwa made me a heartthrob when I saw the way Leslie’s previous family treated her. However, that feeling soon became a relief as the female lead could finally leave such bad parents. The members of her new family were fond of her. This makes the readers feel really touched. So, I really recommend you to read this manhwa. It’s really worth it.

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