The Little Prince: Short Review

The Little Prince starts with a Little Prince’s revelation and a pilot’s realization. A stranded Pilot leads to a fateful encounter between him and an ethereal child. Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s timeless novel ‘The Little Prince’ will unravel a meaningful adventure of self- discovery while exposing the different minds of adults versus children through a plethora of metaphors, poetic language and symbolism. 

Being stranded in the desert has a silver lining as it led to the encounter between the pilot and a mysterious, blonde child who asks him, “Please, draw me a sheep”. Spurned by his naïve rose, the Little Prince reveals to us his adventures beyond the cosmos into numerous planets with each of its encounters that represent stereotypical characteristics of adults.

Eventually, he meets and tames a fox that tells him “What is essential is invisible to the eye.” Ultimately causing the Little Prince to realize the importance of his rose. It ends with the Little Prince implied to return to his rose and the Pilot reminiscing up to the stars – as the Little Prince unknowingly made him realize what is truly important in life.

This story is truly an eye-opener—telling us a range of themes that seem trivial at first; but nevertheless leaves us an impactful blow at the end. The setting implies an adventurous and mysterious tone – due to metaphors and symbolism, whilst having an underlying mood of loneliness. In short, although this story has difficult vocabulary; it is a fit for both youths and adults. As the story leaves a vague ending which is open for any interpretation.

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