The Lifeless War Between Two Civilizations

An increasing amount of tension is growing in the battle between Israel and its surrounding countries, the most common being the country of Palestine, and there is news being told that there is more to come.


This war that has been taking place, for the generations can remember, has been at the forefront of news daily with little talk to stop this ongoing feud between the countries.


At what point will these two parties agree to peace and live out that dream of being free in the world from nasty violence that has taken away from the people in both, but many different worlds of their beloved country.


This battle is far more than meets the eye and the world still has no answer to this in one’s opinion senseless war.


Being more specific on the matter, it is beyond merciless doubt that this war will ever end, however, why it is happening and for what reasons is the question to ask and needs a dignified answer to determine what the solution for this cause will be.


Israel has, by all means, the right to defend itself from terrorist acts and impose its will.


However, at what lengths does the nation have to go to get the message clear that it does not want to be a targeted nation, to begin with, and the brute force the country uses to send that message, which still has not been heard because of unprovoked attacks.


Palestine, on the other hand, is a small nation, but with a heart to believe in their legacy and fight back against Israel at times when being punished, which is not enough on one’s part, however, due to the lack of support and resources the nation has available.


From one vantage point, this is a senseless battle. But, on the other, it is strictly a way to preserve one’s rights.


The world wants to see this war come to an end, but with no resurgence towards stability, it will continue which is not what in today’s world is an ideal solution, especially with the war between Russia and Ukraine taking place is another unfortunate delegation of peace.


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