The Last of Us TV Series in Production

The phenomenal game The Last of Us is getting a TV series, and a set video shows Joel, Ellie, and Tommy together.

Like many scripts and franchises, The Last of Us has been in development hell for a while. Now, they’re trying again on HBO with Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin as the writers. Then, you have the cast of Pedro Pascal as Joel, Bella Ramsey as Ellie, and Gabriel Luna as Tommy. Filming is finally underway, and this video proves it.

Now, most fans might be a little cautious of this live-action adaptation for two reasons. The first one is that live actions don’t go so well. Whether it’s a game or anime, the film never really sticks the landing. The second reason is because of The Last of Us 2. Even though it takes place in the first game, the writers might have lost Joel and Ellie’s bond.

The Last of Us 2 received praise and love from many, but there was the other half that bombed it with hate. If the series does well, they might go into the second game, and fans have to be prepared for that. Of course, it could be a separate canon from the game, but who knows?

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