The Last ICE Lamborghini Model Will Be a Lifted Off-Road Huracán Sterrato

Update: Lamborghini recently released official pictures of the Huracán Sterrato ahead of the official reveal in Miami, confirming the name and giving a preview of the model.



With the Aventador out of production leaving the Urus and Huracan as Lamborghini’s only models, the latter is expected to see a variant that marks the final pure ICE model, and it isn’t quite the roadgoing model.



It is confirmed to make its full debut somewhere between December 1-3, in the Art Basel located in Miami. Lamborghini won’t be going full electric as soon as the year ends, softening the blow with hybrids or mild ones till the fully electric model comes out sometime in the future. With the Huracán Evo as its base, the Sterrato supposedly has the same 5.2-liter, 640 horsepower V10 and all-wheel-drive; wouldn’t make sense if it didn’t. It has fender extensions, a lightbar on top, oddly-shaped extra lights on the front, titanium roll cage, and a lifted suspension that makes it 3 cm higher than a regular unit. Other modifications include carbon bi-shell seats, four-point seat belts, and aluminum floor panels. The production version is nearly identical, albeit without the roof rack.




p dir=”ltr” style=”line-height: 1.38;margin-top: 0pt;margin-bottom: 0pt”>Lamborghini may not be the only one pursuing an off-road focused sports car; Porsche took several 992s up the world’s tallest and active volcano, and the 911 Dakar made its debut in the Los Angeles Auto Show. Roadgoing models have always been Lamborghini’s focus, though they have ventured off it several times in the past and present, with models like the LM002 and the first generation Cayenne, to some degree. We certainly didn’t expect the last ICE model wouldn’t be something like the Sterrato, but we’re excited to see a factory off-road sports car.

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