The Lady I Served Became a Young Master

Synopsis: The story commences when Sua, the female lead, has transmigrated into the world of a novel as Blair, an ordinary commoner. She also realized that the real female lead in this novel world is called Cholé. Blair or Sua decided to help Cholé as her personal maid and help her with everything. During the time she served Cholé, both of them had been bullied by other servants many times. Cholé also had to fight against her family because she was just an illegitimate child. But they somehow manage to go through together and have a closer relationship as a result. 

However, little did Blair know the fact that the lady she served for years was a young man. Because Cholé had secretly kept this fact due to her personal problems. But, unfortunately, this fact was revealed when Chloé came in front of Blair’s house in a young man form. This really was a surprising shock for Blair because she had never seen such a handsome man before!

Warning! My review may have spoilers! 

Review: This story really contains such an excellent plot twist ever. But it is exciting as you see how the story gradually unfolds. Who would have known that the young beautiful lady “Cholé” has such a problem and has to disguise as a girl for years? The fact that she is a man makes the story become funnier as we can see the awkward expression every time Blair hugs Cholé. 

The art is also adorable and neat. We can clearly see that the artist has dedicated so much time to coloring those characters. So, I really recommend this to you! 

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