The Incal’s Comic Book Gets Its Director for Its Movie Adaptation

On November 5th, Humanoids Inc. released a teaser for The Incal (1980) movie project. One of the most out there and left-field comic book publisher’s that manage to expand Alejandro’s visions inspired by the late DUNE of his back in 1974. Illustrated by Jean Giraud, or formerly known as Moebius or Gir his pen names, alongside Alejandro as the writer.

The Incal is set on a degenerated dsytopian world, follows John Difool, a low-class detective whose life is turns upside down by the discovery of ancient, mystical artifact called “The Incal“.

In the story itself Difool and the universe of what the Humanoids Inc. called the Jodoverse, is ever expanding by the turmoils of galactic conflicts.

The sci-fi series that blew everyone’s mind back in the day. Even got a spin-off from the main party of the series titled, Metabarons (1992) & Technopriest (1998). The faction that are existing on the universe of Jodorowsky’s space opera epoch.

The teaser that’s been released by Humanoids, Inc. Youtube channel, is a video shown Alejandro giving the blessings to the chosen director for the The Incal movie adaptation.

Taika Watiti was chosen to helming the director’s seat of this comic book. Knowing full hand that Jodorowsky’s not at the most fitting age to make his work in the film format, he bestows his blessings instead.

By now, The Incal has set to be produced by Taika’s and still shrouded in mystery. We can only hope the best of what’s to come, but frankly, I’m excited that Taika’s get to be chosen. Alejandro’s quirkiness, and his viewpoint makes it all more better for him to be willing of his creation being made by someone else’s.

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