The Haunting of Hill House and Bly Manor is A Life Story

A ghost story or a story that embraces grief, loss, family, love…?

The Haunting of… series is quite famous for its hard-hitting messages that cover trauma, grief, loss and love. The first one, Hill House, focuses more so on family and the ghosts that haunt each sibling and each parent. Meanwhile, Bly Manor focuses on the different ghosts that haunt relationships and love. 
Both series are marketed to be horror but once you click on watch, you get something else. There are many metaphors behind each episode that conveys the tragedies of the main characters. For horror fans, it would still be such a trip because it uses its genre and setting very well. There are enough jump scares, ghouls and gore to satisfy the eye. There are also enough stories to either warm or break the heart. 


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These stories are really not for the faint-hearted but the story-telling and the messages it wishes to deliver is amazing. If one gets through these shows, then you are truly an MVP
Both series surround themselves in mansions––the Hill House and Bly Manor. While Hill House spotlights the Crain family, Bly Manor has the staff that works in the house and they become a found-family. 


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The two stories also share the same build-up of stress, trauma, grief that will finally lead to a grand ending. The endings of both are, in a way, bittersweet but it makes sense. 
In each episode, both series would focus on one character and their stories. For Hill House, it’s the members of the family and has a lot of back and forth between the past and present and the parallels that are shown are truly heart-wrenching. Bly Manor tells the individual backgrounds of the ghosts and only goes back to when a background story is needed. 
Overall, these ghost stories depict the real life of our trauma, our grief, our loss, our relationships with family and people, and many more. The language of the story-telling is not for everyone but isn’t real life sort of like that? We handle these things in our own ways, in our own time and at our own pace. If these shows hit, however, it’s going to be personal, confronting and transcendent.  
In times like these, we hold onto the metaphors of our own life and escape to where it is comfortable. Trauma builds these walls around us, grief and loss maim us but the love we receive is as warm as ever. 
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