“The Hating Game” Movie Adaptation of Sally Throne’s Novel

The best selling novel by Sally Throne and recently become TikTok sensation, The Hating Game finally have an adaptation movie.

Readers’ long-awaited request is finally being served. An adaptation of a romantic comedy movie with hate to love plot to add up to the list of binge-watch during the new years holiday. 

Lucy Hutton, who’s apparently played by Lucy Hale, Pretty Little Liar star, is reunited with Austin Stowel who plays the role of Joshua Templeman, Lucy nemesis. Lucy and Austin were cast in a movie called “Fantasy Island” which was released in the pre-lockdown era, February 2020. They will be playing along with Corbin Bernsen, Yasha Jackson among others. 

 Image source: colliderimages.com

The Hating Game serves a “Hate to Love” relationship between Lucy and Joshua who apparently co-workers, working in the same office, face to face,  who loathe each other so much with no hesitation to show it through a series of passive-aggressive interactions which was an everyday meal for the HR, not the good kind.

They both are assistants for the co-CEO of the joint publishing company. They convinced each other that they hate one another. The tension was heated up when they had to go to war for a promotion. They made a promise to each other that if one of them gets the job then the other will resign. They had to fight their own feelings in order to climb that career ladder.

After being delayed due to the COVID-19 outbreak and recasting the role of Joshua, the trailer and the release date is finally announced. The movie will be out on December 10th, 2021.


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