The First Deaf Contestant Makes Her Debut On The New Season Of Love Island


The new season of Love Island is out and this season, the series has shown us that love has no bounds. For the first time, a 23-year-old model and dancer have become the first deaf contestant on the ITV2 dating show.


In the first episode Tasha Ghouri, from North Yorkshire, openly revealed that she had been completely deaf from birth and she wore a cochlear implant in her right ear. While many some would consider this to be a flaw, Ghouri has embraced her disability calling it her “superpower”.  She says: “It doesn’t define me, it’s just a part of who I am.”


All her fellow contenders appreciated her and praised her for her openness. On the first episode of the new series, fellow Love Island contestants praised Ms. Ghouri for her openness.


Indiyah Polack said, “I just honestly wanted to give her a big hug because I just wanted her to know she’s not alone and we’re all here to support her no matter what she’s going through and we all love her.”


Hannah Tweddle, a dance teacher who taught Ms. Ghouri for about 10 years, said: “She is an amazing person with a wicked sense of humor. She is very kind, very genuine. She is fabulous.”


Tweddle reckons that even when Ms. Ghouri was younger and started her dance career, there were not too many changes made for Ghouri. “She could hear enough and with very bassy music she picked up the rhythm and the sound really easily. She was good.”




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