Fire Breaks Out at a Mattress Plant in Thailand

Regarding the tendency of recent news, Thailand is the country that has many conflagrations happening around the capital city. Although the fire department has immediately taken care of the incidents right after they received an emergency call, a number of places had been damaged. 

One of the cases happened recently at a mattress plant. The fire had been progressively spreading to other areas surrounding the factory at Moo 5 village, in Tambon Khlong Dan, Bang Bo, in Samut Prakan Province, the police’s report said.    

“I was working at the office that is about 15 meters away from the warehouse and I suddenly heard a noisy sound outside. So, I went out to observe what was happening and found that the roof was burning. After I realized the situation, I ran to wake up my parents and two workers that were sleeping inside the factory right away,” said the owner’s factory’s daughter.

There were five people in the compound at the time, and they were all safely evacuated.

This incident took more than two hours for those firefighters to extinguish all the fire. They estimated the actual damaged value to be around two Mazda cars and one six-wheel container and other properties were still under investigation. 

As the source of fire were sponges and inflammable objects, the cause of the incident was still unknown and under the authorities’ investigation. Fortunately, no one has lost their lives in this incident and only properties were damaged. It’s important to check every power outlet and electrical machine before you go to sleep to avoid the same conflagration.

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