The Evolution of the Feminist Movement

The most important issue for feminism in Canada today is breaking down the white supremacy of organizations like NAC and NCCW and representing inclusive rights for everyone. It is important to be reminded of the good these organizations have done, such as fighting for the right to vote, but it is also important to be reminded that white women could vote as early as 1920, but some indigenous women couldn’t vote until as late as 1985.

During the first feminist movement, the goal was to fight for equal access to rights as men, but now the feminist movement today can represent any radical change that can be deemed feminist. Most feminist histories focus on the movements’ gains and victories, but rarely on how they got there: by making non-white women the scapegoat. Feminism today represents so much more inclusive than the first or even the second feminist movement. Focusing on rights and recognition of the LGBTQQIP2SAA as well as concentrating on decolonization, indigenous sovereignty, and basic human rights for not only Indigenous women but their families too.

There are many other topics feminism touches on, as it is now a widespread and mainstream theory that men no longer laugh at and mock as much as they used to. Moving forward, the feminism movement must continue to work on human rights and protect the rights and freedoms that women and LGBTQQIP2SAA people already have. As it is apparent the abortion laws in America are changing, it is a fear that Canada will continue in the wrong footsteps and follow America down a path of abolishing the rights feminists have worked so hard to set in place.

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