The Evolution Of Rap Music: Hate & Shame Or An Authentic Culture To Indulge In




I am an avid and huge fan of rap music. Today’s rap music is not so much, but from the early 2000s stemming from 1998, it was my education in writing and putting words together for entertainment purposes.


What did it do for me?


Well, it set the tone for a new age and new generation at the time, for people who were never introduced to that kind of genre. The way artists composed the beats, put their rhymes together, and overall put at least 4 minutes of pleasure in your brain was truly unmatched for the faint of heart.


In the eighty’s when rap music was first introduced it had a significant impact because artists were telling it as it is. They talked about life in the streets and going from extremely poor to rich, more importantly, they were paving a way for the younger generation to evolve with their own type of style that would genuinely define the culture it is today.


My favorite era was from 1998 to say 2010 when rap music was at its finest.


The reason I say this is because that is when the style, I had mentioned earlier had taken shape, new forms of rhythms were being released, artists were establishing a fresh look for their brand and rival companies were taking aim at each other.


Poetry at its deepest finest to say the least.


Artists from the eighty’s known what they were doing for their communities and to make it more sensational it brought a whole new meaning to music in general.


Artists such as Tupac and Biggie Small were hot, with their provocative lyrics and infamous feud. But other notable artists came together at that time to provide insight as to what life was really like in their neighborhoods and what they had to do to escape.


Then came the age of the NWA, where political matters took shape mind you in an awkward but violent type manner.


The main issue, however, was violence in the communities, ranging from drug use to unsuccessful lives that were forced to abide by these rules.


When the younger generation came in and I am speaking of artists such as Jay Z, Nas, Dr. Dre, Eminem, and much more they showed us that yes sex does sell, but so does a career in music, inspiring many generations afterward.


Keeping on pace here, the main reason rap music is a success in its own field but is distant from the music world is because of the message is used to send and still does in a sense. Many artists in other genres were hesitant to affiliate themselves because of the trouble attached and rightfully so.


The passion shared by the artists in a way that gave hope to generations such as mine and others made it impossible not to listen and gave a dramatic sense of what life was for these men and women.


Rap music is a part of music history and for many, it will remain the hottest commodity in the world to them.



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