The End of Gender


Dr. Deborah Soh is the author of the end of gender and a former researcher and scientist in Sexology; this does not mean she is interested in kinky sex, but researchers into sexual preference, sexual desire, and what motivates people’s sexuality and gender roles as individuals to understand society using the scientific method.


Dr. Soh’s previous profession as a Sexologist was dedicated to researching facts and divorcing herself from emotional entanglement when publishing and developing her research.


What makes a sexologist different from sciences such as political science, gender science, and gender studies is that sexologists collect and research data by using animals and research groups of people.


For example, sexologist’s used male and female monkeys to see what toys they played with; boys tended to play with trucks and girls with dolls; the same pattern is also seen with humans.



Michael Shermer with Debra Soh — End of Gender: Debunking Myths About Sex & Identity in Our Society

Science Denialism on the Left: Sex, Gender, and Trans Identity



I hope you will give Dr. Deborah Soh’s book a thorough read; an audiobook is also available.

By reading this book, I believe you will find it informative, educational, and eye-opening if you are concerned about your sexuality and whether or not you are a typical person.

This book may explain the behavior caused by your biology and not necessarily have a choice.

I also hope this helps the transgender or LGBT community accept and understand their identity by understanding their gender, sexuality, and reasons for their behavior. I want to stress that the author strongly supports the gay community.

I would recommend every man and woman to be curious about one of the great debates affecting society today.

Give this book a read or research by following Deborah Soh on a podcast or YouTube video.

I wish you all the best and good fortune.

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