The Edge of Seventeen and What It Means to Be Seventeen

While Lady Bird had gotten much hype for being an ageless coming-of-age film, The Edge of Seventeen was quite overshadowed by it.

Like Lady Bird, this film features a main character that acts out or is portrayed as an ‘antagonist’ because of their negative emotions. However, no one has ever talked about this film. But today, that is going to change.

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The Edge of Seventeen is a wonderful coming-of-age that tells a story about a teenager who felt utter betrayal when her best friend starts dating her brother, whom she despises.

Hailee Steinfeld did a great job in her acting as Nadine. Nadine is insecure, doesn’t stand out, always compared to her brother and disliked by her mother. Most of all, she’s still in grief over the loss of her father––the only person that she felt always understood her.

Everything about the script felt very natural. There are sudden bursts of emotions that Nadine portrayed. There is also gas-lighting that Nadine experienced and unnecessary apologies she had to make to the people who wronged her.

It’s unpopular and it might be controversial but everyone around Nadine––except Erwin––were the bad guys. They all didn’t see how much in a bad state she was and moved on with their lives. Her best friend, Krista, and brother, Darian, continued to date even after she has shown obvious discomfort. They didn’t even try to talk to her after a disagreement, minimizing her actions to be “dramatic”, which feels a lot like mental health neglect.

But let’s talk about Erwin––a good person who, in the end, finally includes Nadine in his group of friends. This contrasts to the party scene where her supposed best friend only thought of herself and didn’t include Nadine.

Seventeen is a tricky age. It’s an outburst of emotions, it’s the quiet rage of grief and it’s where you start seeing who are the right friends for you. Nadine went through a lot but she finally found the right people in the end and she found herself. That’s what being Seventeen is about.

The Edge of Seventeen is streaming on Netflix! Watch it now before Netflix takes it down this upcoming February.

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