The Development of the Case of Tangmo Nida, the Thai Artist Who Was Drowned in the Chao Phraya


Kematian Artis Thailand Tangmo Nida, Ini Kumpulan Link Video dan Foto  Mempesona Tangmo Nida - Ayo Indonesia


The development of the Tangmo Nida case, regarding photos of Tangmo’s corpse which is being hunted by netizens on Twitter, TikTok, and Telegram because there are alleged irregularities.


In the development of the Tangmo Nida case, netizens wanted to see photos or pictures of Tangmo Nida’s corpse without censorship, it was strongly suspected of being tortured.


Photos of Tangmo Nida’s own body cannot be seen clearly at this time because some have been deleted. This is the new development of the Tangmo Nida Case.


There has been a lot of buzz on TikTok social media lately about recordings of the torture of Tangmo Nida before drowning in the Chao Phraya river.


As in the TikTok account @vanessakendrick16 which posted about the torture of Tangmo Nida.


In the video entitled “Revealed the Seconds of Tangmo Nida’s voice being brushed with his 5 friends”.


In the video, it is not clear about a video about torture but loud sounds are hitting the body several times.


Then there was a female voice screaming in Thai. There is also a male voice that seems to be scolding.


Then on the TikTok account @usernamejerlah it was seen that there was a scene that they called the chronology of the late Tangmo’s death.


In the video, it is also written that Tangmo was beaten with a wine bottle.


Anjas Asmara, a lecturer at Thailand’s Chulalongkorn University, said that the police concluded that Tangmo Nida had an accident because he fell from a speedboat and sank into the Chao Phraya river.


But the Thai people don’t seem to believe that Tangmo Nida died in an accident because there were some irregularities.


For example with wounds, according to Anjas Asmara after consulting a Thai doctor who is also a close relative, if the wound in Tangmo Nida’s thigh was said to have been caused by a speedboat propeller, the wound was not like that.


According to Anjas Asmara, if hit by a propeller, the wound would be large and hit the bone, considering that the blade rotates very fast.


“If it hit the ship’s propeller, it would have been even worse, the thigh bone would have been hit, but the wound was uneven and the wound looked like it had been hit by a blunt object that tore it apart,” he said.


Anjas also concluded that there was a strong suspicion that the case of Tangmo Nida’s death was related to murder, but so far the Thai police have not been able to reveal further and have concluded that this was an accident.


Source: CNN Indonesia

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