The damage of Mental Health Misrepresentation.


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Should films and movies represent mental health better?

There is nothing worse than watching a show or film and watch them romanticize mental health, making conditions people suffer with every day into something “cool”.

Mental Health is no joke, it doesn’t make one “quirky”.

Often , ways in which mental health is shown can make people feel invalidated.

A mental health condition such as BPD (borderline personality disorder), is often misrepresented. Characters who suffer with this condition are usually described as ‘bad’ or ‘angry’ people, which is certainly not true for the majority of people suffering this way.

Viewing people with a condition as all being exactly the same is such a damaging mindset.

Lack of understanding of mental illness, is why people are embarrassed of speaking out and asking for help.

Anxiety and Depression are also generalized too. Depression is often seen to be people just feeling sad, without mentioning the physical effects which are attached to depression.

Mental health isn’t quirky.

Mental Health affects people DIFFERENTLY.

I hope to see mental health get researched and written correctly, without stereotyping millions of people as suffering the same, just because they have the same condition.




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