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The Controversial “Fauci” Documentary

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National Geographic’s new documentary “Fauci” which was released just last month among select cities and went debut last week on Disney has sparked serious disputes among viewers. Quite surprisingly, not many people are interested in the movie. While top professional critics praised Fauci’s career as well as his hard work in fighting the Covid pandemic, only 5 percent of Google users liked this movie and rated 1.1 on google review. 


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On Rotten Tomatoes, viewers were even more scarce. One person commented this documentary as “ a terrible documentary that does nothing but inflates the ego of a narcissistic political despot. ”


Another audience said “ A desperate, shameless attempt to protect the image of a disgraced bureaucrat. Completely tasteless filmmaking. Poor form, and flagrantly one-sided.”


And even for some audiences who initially liked Fauci, they appeared to criticize the movie for glorifying Fauci as a Saint without describing any failures or mistakes he ever encountered or made. They felt it was inappropriate to release this movie when the pandemic is still far from over, as daily death in the US continues to approach 2000 levels per day. 


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Anthony Fauci is an American physician-scientist who serves as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the Chief Medical Advisor to the President. He worked for 40 years as a public servant, his career has spanned seven presidents, contributing to the fight against two pandemics AIDS and HIV, prior to the Covid pandemic.


During the 2020 pandemic, Fauci had frequent disagreements with former president Trump in numerous health policies especially regarding lockdowns, mask mandate as well as travel ban issues, which leads to controversies both domestically, and in foreign countries.


Official trailer of the movie:

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