The Commuter : Liam Neeson Is Stuck in a Murder Conspiracy

The Commuter is an action thriller film directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and written by Byron Willinger, Philip de Blasi, and Ryan Engle.

The Commuter tells the story of a man who is unconsciously selected into a kill scheme after assembly a puzzling lady on a prepare travel.

The film premiered in New York City on January 8, 2018, theatrically released in the United States on January 12, 2018 by Lionsgate, and on January 19, 2018 in the United Kingdom by StudioCanal.


Synopsis :

Every day, Michael MacCauley goes through the same routine before going on his daily commute. He spends time with his wife Karen and son Danny before catching the train to work. He also often chatted with other regular passengers like Walt. Michael works as a life insurance salesman. However, Michael’s boss calls him into the office to inform him that he has been laid off.

Despite trying to deny it, Michael eventually gave up the job. Michael goes to a bar where he meets his friend, Alex Murphy, who was also Michael’s former co-worker during his time as a detective. As they chatted, there was news on TV about a town planner who had allegedly committed suicide a few nights earlier.

Michael confessed to Murphy that he had not told Karen about the job. They then find a former co-worker they dislike, Dave Hawthorne, who is now the captain. He went to chat for a while with the people. On the train ride home, Michael is told by Walt that a woman is watching him.

Michael sat down and was followed by the woman named Joanna, after a brief chat, Joanna told Michael that there was a compartment on the train containing $25,000, plus $75 cash.

Joana tells him she can have it as long as she helps find someone at the last stop in Cold Spring by the name of “Prynne”. Before leaving, Joanna hints that she knows Michael as an ex-cop.

Michael searches in the designated compartment and finds the money. When the train stops, a young woman finds Michael and tries to claim the money, but Michael decides to keep it for himself.

The woman then handed Michael the envelope, saying it was a warning. Michael opens the envelope and finds Karen’s wedding ring. Losing his own cell phone, Michael borrows another passenger’s phone, Tony. He tried to call Karen but couldn’t, then he tried to call Murphy but couldn’t and Michael decided to leave a message.

He heard from Joanna that he had made a choice and now had to find Prynne, or something would happen to Karen and Danny. Michael tries to leave a message for Walt in the paper to call the police. Just then, Michael receives a phone call from Murphy.

After Michael tells him what happened, Murphy mentions that a witness who goes by the name Prynne claims to have seen two men who committed suicide. After hanging up with Murphy, Joanna called Michael again and turned her attention out the window.

He sees Walt about to cross the street to speak to officers, but someone who works with Joanna pushes Walt into the bus lane, killing him. He warns Michael, this is what happens when he tries to find a way out.

The Commuter Movie Cast List :

  • Liam Neeson as Michael MacCauley
  • Vera Farmiga as Joanna
  • Patrick Wilson as Lieutenant Alex Murphy
  • Jonathan Banks as Walt
  • Sam Neill as Captain David Hawthorne
  • Elizabeth McGovern as Karen MacCauley
  • Killian Scott as FBI Agent Dylan
  • Shazad Latif as Vince
  • Andy Nyman as Tony
  • Clara Lago as Eva
  • Roland Møller as Jackson
  • Florence Pugh as Gwen
  • Edward Bluemel as Gwen’s Girlfriend
  • Dean-Charles Chapman as Danny MacCauley
  • Ella-Rae Smith as Sofia
  • Nila Aalia as Sherri
  • Kobna Holdbrook-Smith as Oliver
  • Colin McFarlane as Conductor Sam
  • Adam Nagaitis as Conductor Jimmy
  • Kingsley Ben-Adir as Special Agent Garcia
  • Damson Idris as Special Agent Denys
  • Ben Caplan as Frank
  • Letitia Wright as Jules Skateboarder

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