The BTS-fication of Las Vegas: PTD Takeover


Big Hit Entertainment has planned one of the biggest BTS: Permission to Dance events in Las Vegas for the upcoming 4-day concert in Las Vegas.


BTS: Permission to Dance on Stage Las Vegas concert will last from April 8-9 and April 15-16 where fans can not only enjoy the concert but experience a whole BTS-themed festival as well.


Big Hit Entertainment aims to expand the “Play Zone” for fans to enjoy more experiences outside the concert at every BTS world tour stop.


This PTD (Permission to Dance) festival will feature a “tour village” where fans can experience shopping, entertainment, food & beverage, and accommodations in every BTS concert.


The festival will feature different BTS-themed attractions, sightseeing, and cuisine all over Las Vegas to expand the usual fan experience where reservations can be made on the official Weverse application.


Here are some of the events that fans can experience outside the concert!



Fans can purchase official BTS merchandise from booths and pop-up stores that will be available during the festival, such as BTS Tour Official Merch and BTS POP-UP(AREA 15)


Several entertainment spots will be available for fans to enjoy before and after the concert, such as party, Photography Exhibition, and Fountains of Bellagio

Food & Beverage

A BTS-themed Café will be available for fans to experience and dine-in.


Fans attending the concert who live outside the city can find BTS-themed accommodation to stay in that will have BTS themed rooms (11 Hotels)


Locations, wait times, reservations, and various entertainments can be checked on the official Weverse application!

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