The Boyz’ New Tests Positive for COVID-19


In an article posted on K-Pop boy group The Boyz’ Official Twitter account (@IST_THEBOYZ) on Sunday (13/03), New, also known as Choi Chanhee, was confirmed positive with COVID-19.


In the announcement, it was stated that New experienced symptoms of COVID-19 on March 12, (12/03) a day before the statement was posted. New administered a COVID-19 self-kit where the result was positive and consequently took a PCR test.


The PCR test was revealed to be positive and confirmed on Sunday (13/03). New is currently checking in with health officials and will focus on treatment onwards. New is currently experiencing coughing symptoms and no other COVID-19 symptoms. 


IST Entertainment will focus on prioritizing their artist’s health and safety and will follow COVID-19 healthcare guidelines, rules, and measures. 


In the past, several other The Boyz members were also tested positive for the COVID-19 virus: Eric, Younghoon, Hyunjae, while the others remain negative. 


Most likely, New will temporarily pause group activities to focus on recovery. Fans of The Boyz – Deobi’s – around the world have wished New’s health a fast recovery on Twitter. 


Just recently, The Boyz released an OST titled “Echo” for the popular webtoon Solo Leveling. Two versions of OST were released, a music video featuring The Boyz in the setting where Solo Leveling takes place, along with a PV (Promotional Video) of the webtoon featuring the lyrics of the song.


Last week, The Boyz member Ju Haknyeon also celebrated his birthday on March 9. Ju Haknyeon has a position as the lead dancer, rapper, and vocalist of The Boyz who is recognized for his rock-like singing voice.


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