The Body of a Missing Paddle Boarder Found

The body of a missing paddle boarder from Edmonton has been discovered, according to the RCMP. The 42-year-old male went missing in Astotin Lake in Elk Island National Park about 5:20 p.m. on Saturday, sparking the start of the search to find this man. The man was paddleboarding in a pair when they lost sight of each other; the second paddle boarder turned out to be safe outside the lake. According to the police, the man’s body was found in the lake after a matter of days on Monday shortly after noon. The following written statement about the deceased male has been made public by Parks Canada:

“The RCMP have confirmed recovery of the body of the missing paddle boarder from Astotin Lake. Parks Canada is deeply saddened by this tragedy. Our hearts are with the family and friends of the individual.

Parks Canada would like to thank all partnering agencies who responded to the incident, which included Fort Saskatchewan RCMP, emergency responders from Lamont County and Strathcona County, and the Province of Alberta.

Visitor safety is a top priority for Parks Canada. Parks Canada strongly recommends that a certified personal flotation device be used when recreating on any water body.”

The park has announced since the accident that it strongly recommends further paddle boarders and park goers to remember to wear certified personal flotation devices when going to the park and into the water.

The park has since then reopened to the public and usual activities have gone on since the incident.

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