The Blacklist Series: A Repetitive Plot with Different Outputs

A wanted man comes home to the USA and wants to share The Blacklist that will become a threat and only wants to speak with a specified agent. The series itself has already reached 9 seasons so far. Quite long, right? But, I have started from season 1 in order to understand this series plot.


What I understand is each episode in the series provides the audiences with a different issue and solution that came from the wanted man, Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington. He offers help but in a puzzling way. He will only speak to Elizabeth Keen, the FBI agent profiler, and the target is provided. This man moves like a shadow that pulls a string for himself and also for the FBI. Nothing new that is offered by this series. I have my opinion for this reason.


As I’ve mentioned above, the plot starts the same. The wanted man gives the list to the FBI agent, and the FBI agent gives the list along with the clues to her supervisor and partner. And, the FBI catches the bad guy with help from Raymond. This plot repeats itself in some episodes, so I can easily guess what will appear in the next episode.


The intriguing part is the output. Meanwhile, the series offers the same plot, but the output from this series is the anti-hero becomes a hero in shadow. Even though this series moves in the real world, interacting with people, and has a fictional taste in it, still, you can watch it in your leisure time. And, another output is the relationship between Elizabeth and Raymond. They become closer because he offers important information for her office and her husband. Parents’ instinct will always help their children every time they face a problem. 


This series is not that bad, but personally, I will search for another series with the same genre to replace The Blacklist. If you are curious, you may want to start watching it. Don’t expect too much in this series even though the series is filled with Hollywood stars.

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