The Bi-waabndamewizig Anishinabek Nation.


Tourism and economic development for the Bi-waabndamewizig Anishinabek Nation. The rise of local and commercial economies is examined in this article, with a special focus on the tourism industry. Wikwemikong Tourism offers visits that demonstrate how aquatic plants were used for medicinal and functional purposes, broadening a person’s understanding of Indigenous cultures. While admiring the breathtaking views of Lake Huron and the old fishing islands of Wiikwemkoong.


Cree language teachers reflect on generations of learning and its aim is ‘to teach the younger generation so we have the chance to save our languages,’ says Darian Agecoutay. Agecoutay wanted to fight against language loss in Indigenous communities, where many of the children who were taken to residential schools became adults who did not speak their language at home.


Agecoutay says, “I want us to be able to revitalize our languages, to reclaim our languages, to be able to speak within our communities using our languages,” “and to teach the younger generation so we have the chance to save our languages.” These languages are a representation of the Indigenous communities and it is important that they continue to represent their culture starting again with their language.


Indigenous peoples are different in terms of language, ceremonies, lifestyle, and culture. The Cree language is being taught to the indigenous peoples. Systemic racism is economic and political systems that disadvantage minority racial and ethnic groups in comparison to the racial and ethnic majority. That is how it is defined. However, it is a profoundly rooted style of thinking and behavior that marginalizes Indigenous peoples in particular.

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