The Best Unique Baby Names In 2022


A common question asked on Internet forums by expectant parents is ‘what can I name my child that is unique yet usable?‘ If you look to celebrities for baby name inspiration, you’ll find all sorts of wacky and wonderful ones: Apple, North, Saint, Psalm, Dream, Kulture, Sir, to name just a few.


A name is often the first impression we get when meeting someone else. We are automatically judged for our names, even if it is subconsciously. Therefore, we must pass on names that are professionally acceptable whilst still giving the child their own sense of identity.


Below are my top 5 unique baby names for 2022:


1. Evander – typically a boys name meaning ‘good man/warrior’. It is a softer variant of the more popular ‘Xander’, and nicknames ‘Andy’ or ‘Evan’ can be derived from it. Pronounced ‘ev-an-dur’.


2. Ione – now an Animal Crossing character, this name would be ideal for a baby girl born to a couple who are either fans of the game, or have an interest in botany. It means ‘violet flower/violet colored stone’, and is pronounced ‘ee-oh-nee’.


3. Zephan – a lovely alternative to ‘Stefan/Stephan’ for boys that means ‘God is hidden’. Perfect for religious parents or people who prefer softer, flowing names. Pronounced ‘ss-ef-an’.


4. Kezia – a charming girl’s name that means ‘cassia tree’, this moniker is the perfect fit for a daughter born to nature-loving parents. A subtle alternative to ‘Cassie/Cassia’, it is pronounced ‘k-e-zee-a’.


5. Blair – a gender-neutral name that means ‘child of the field’. Some celebrities with the name include Blair Waldorf, Lionel Blair, Blair Underwood and Blair St. Clair. It is easy to pronounce and simple with just one syllable.


We hope you have found this list useful, if you enjoyed reading the article and are thinking about using one of these names, let us know in the comments!

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