The Best of How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother is an iconic comedy television sitcom about Ted and his journey to find “the one”. Filled with goofy heartfelt stories of him and his friends Marshall, Lily, Barney and Robin, it tells a story about trials and growth he has to go through before he meets “the one”. But alas, all good things must end. How I Met Your Mother is leaving Netflix on the 1st of January 2022. Don’t miss your chance to binge the legend…wait for it…dary show or rewatch some of your favourite ones.


Here are my top 5 recommendations for which episodes you MUST watch:


1. Season 2 Episode 22: Something Borrowed

This is the episode of Lily and Marshall’s wedding. From having no photographer to a crowning harp player and flower arrangements coming halfway through the ceremony, everything that could’ve gone wrong did. This is a great episode because of how heartfelt and touching Lily and Marshall’s vows are. How your partner and friends around the whole world can be falling apart but you’d always have that little bubble of joy with them. 


2. Season 5 Episode 12: Girls vs Suits

Girls vs Suits is How I Met Your Mother’s iconic 100th episode in which Barney had to let go of his Suits to pursue a hot bartender. This is one of the handfuls of episodes in which Barney doesn’t wear a suit. Of course, as a celebratory 100th episode, the gang burst out to a musical number about Suits. This really highlighted Neil Patrick Harris’ talents as a performer, even hosting the Tony Awards for 4 consecutive years. 


3. Season 6 Episode 19: Legendaddy

A fantastic heartfelt episode of when Barney finally met his long lost father. After 30 years of not being in his life, they grab a drink and Barney tells the gang that they have a lot of things in common like scotch, suits and women. Only for them to find out that it’s all a lie and that he had a family. They convinced Barney to have dinner with his dad and his family for Barney to deliver arguably the most heartfelt line in all of HIMYM.


4. Season 8 Episode 11 and 12: Final Page Part 1 and 2

In season 8 we already know that Barney and Robin would end up together and these episodes show exactly how. In part 1 everyone finds out the one person they would want to put in a hole like in Silence of The Lambs, only for everyone to realise that usually, your biggest enemy is yourself. In part 2, by telling Robin of Barney’s supposed engagement he has finally let her go. Part 2 will make you feel a mix of emotions. From sad to shedding tears of joy. 


5. Season 9 Episode 16: How Your Mother Met Me

After 8 whole seasons of not knowing who the Mother is, this is where we meet the mother after only getting clues from Ted with the yellow umbrella, St.Patrick’s Party and being Cindy’s roommate. We find out some of Tracy’s struggles, how her partner passed away and how she got around to study in Columbia and in Econ 305. We see her little quirks that resemble Ted like also being a detective. It was heartwarming and a great lead up to the meet. 


Season 9 Episode 23 and 24: Last Forever Part 1 and 2

The crescendo and the lead up to these episodes definitely have their ups and downs. But this is finally the episode where Ted and Tracy meet right at the Farhampton train station. It was also arguably one of the most controversial episodes throughout the series with a lot of people complaining about how after 9 seasons of not knowing who the mother is or her and Ted meeting, he still ends up with Robin. But others liked it because the whole series then has a new meaning behind it. How Ted tells his kids of this epic tale as a way to ask for their permission to move on and start dating again. Whether you like it or not, Ted and Tracy’s meet will always be Legen…wait for it…Dary.


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