The Best Cakes To Celebrate The Platinum Jubilee With


Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee is almost upon us, and there are a wide array of sweet treats available for Brits to get their hands on, just in time for that street party to mark the occasion.


Street parties have been a huge part of British culture ever since the early 20th century, and though it is now a rather rare occurrence, big events such as a Jubilee or a World Cup win can inspire people to try to have the best party in the neighborhood. Everyone contributes to the food, drink, and entertainment, and the street is usually decorated with patriotic bunting.


Many UK supermarket giants have tapped into the Jubilee hype, offering a selection of party food inspired by the Queen and her impressive 70-year reign.


Below is a list of the top 5 cakes available from British shops:


1) Colin the ‘Corgi’ Cake and Queen Connie the Caterpillar – M&S

Technically, this is a duo of cakes, as they come packaged together as a pair. It is a royal twist on their iconic caterpillar cake and keeps the familiar recipe of chocolate sponge cake, chocolate buttercream, and a chocolate shell decorated to show the Union Jack and a crown on Connie’s head. Each cake serves 5. The duo are priced at £10 for the pair and are well worth the price.




2)  Clarence the Corgi Cake – Morrisons

Morrisons have produced a lovely rendition of a cake based on the Queen’s love of corgis and have named their tasty treat after a well-known royal residence; Clarence House. Like the M&S version, this cake is made of chocolate sponge, chocolate buttercream, and royal edible decorations such as a small Union Jack crown and red, white, and blue sprinkles. This cake serves 12, making it ideal for a street party. The cake costs just £6 and will sell out fast!




3) Platinum Jubilee Celebration Cake – Tesco

This simple cake is perfect for those who like to get straight to the point. It is a madeira sponge cake that contains buttercream and raspberry and plum jam in the center. It has been covered in a layer of simple white icing and decorated with gold writing showing the occasion and dates of Her Majesty’s reign on top. The cake serves 14 people and costs an estimated £8-£12.




4) Jubilee Decorated Chocolate and Vanilla Cupcakes – Sainsburys

Ditch the knife and forestall arguments about who gets the bigger slice with these very patriotic cupcakes. Perfect for children, these cupcakes are a simple vanilla sponge topped with vanilla icing and a small Union Jack with cupcake cases to match. There are four in a pack and they cost £5.


5) Sweet Caramel Corgi Mousse Cakes – M&S

Finally, for a lighter dessert, try these adorable mousse cakes, again from M&S. The outside is a simple sponge cake, but the inside boasts a salted caramel mousse that rests on a milk chocolate wafer to bring the whole cake together. They are also decorated on top with chocolate made to look like a corgi’s face. This is probably the choice with the least value for money thanks to the price tag of £6 for just two cakes, however, the novelty factor and quality ingredients make up for the lack of quantity.

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