The Benefits of Having a Dog


If you’ve clicked on this article, you are most likely either debating whether to get a dog of your own or you’re simply curious as to what impact dogs can have on our lives.


Dogs are called ‘man’s best friend’ and they have more than earned that title with their intelligence, loyalty, and love. There are many benefits to dog ownership, and the three biggest ones will be listed below:


1) Companionship

Dogs can be fantastic companions for anyone of any age. You can research the breeds and either buy or adopt the one who has a temperament that is ideal for your lifestyle. Dogs are loyal and most love to be around people, preferring to sleep, play, and be with their owner as much as possible.


They are a perfect friend for anyone lonely, loves animals, and wants one in the house, or as a companion for a family with children.


2) They can be trained to do tricks and help out

Dogs are incredibly intelligent and often are bred for working purposes, such as sheepdogs on a farm or guide dogs. However, depending on the breed you choose, some dogs can be bred as pets yet still learn more than the standard tricks of sit, stay, and paw.


Their keen sense of smell makes them ideal candidates to be trained as diabetic alert dogs, as they can detect when their owner’s blood sugar is too high or too low. Alternatively, dogs can be amazing emotional support animals for those who have debilitating mental or physical illnesses.


3) Motivation to exercise

Dogs require at least some form of exercise once a day. Even lapdogs won’t begrudge a short walk to the shop and back. If you need a partner to help motivate you to be healthier and get outdoors, getting a dog is a perfect way to get some exercise whilst still having fun.


Ensure that you choose a breed that has energy levels similar to or slightly higher than your own so you don’t feel overwhelmed by the task.


As you can see, having a dog has a big positive impact on your life and hopefully, these few benefits have helped you at least a little to decide whether to get a dog of your own.

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