The Benefits of Cold-Water Therapy 


In our modern-day society, where anything can be obtained through the click of a button, it has become far too easy to obtain fast-track remedies for any ailment. But at what expense does that come to not only the buyer but our planet? Undoubtedly it leaves those seeking these cures out of pocket but also has a trail of high carbon footprint in its wake.


Hydrotherapy & It's Benefits | Hot & Cold Water Immersion Therapy
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So instead of buying a tropical cream or across-continental medicine, we should turn to something closer to home. Cold-water Therapy has transgressed into something the everyday individual can use rather than just professional athletes.


Five of the benefits are listed below:


  • It Builds Mental Strength- Cold water induces the body to release endorphins and therefore can benefit those suffering from depression, anxiety, and other related illnesses.
  • Improved Immunity
  • Reduces Muscle Inflammation
  • Better, youthful skin- The Cold water constricts blood vessels, tightening the skin and improving complexion.
  • Increased Metabolic Output- Cold Water Therapy has been proven to aid weight loss.


But what is Cold Water Therapy? It is the immersion of the whole body within water below 15 degrees Celsius. For those living by the coast, this would be provided by the sea, but for that inland, it is much less accessible. If there is no body of water nearby, running a cold bath or using a water tank would also work.


So next time you become tempted to buy over-priced commercialized cosmetics, consider trying Cold Water Therapy for yourself and the planet.





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