The Benefits Of App Unbundling

It is recommended by User Experience/UX design professionals that there is a more profitable and more beneficial for customers and users of websites and applications are unbundling because the structure of the websites becomes easier and simpler to use.

App unbundling is where for instance is where the company Facebook uncoupled the Messenger system that was part of the Facebook software into two apps.


This made the system and software development easier to maintain and create a better user experience.


Paddy Power app


Gambling websites are strong examples of where App unbundling should be taking place because of the different functions of these websites.


There are different kinds of gambling that are different and distinctive from each other, requiring additional information and processes.


For example, on Paddy Power, there is information on the sport, including rugby, tennis, golf, horse racing, and football.


These could be created separately into their distinctive apps, which would be easier to use due to less information on one app and, therefore, less complicated for users.


Also, having separate App categories with sports, games, and other random information unrelated to sports games makes the software easier to maintain, modify and alter.


Furthermore, the customers will find navigation simple, which would lead to more profits and traffic to the website.


ITunes App unbundling


Apple, the technology company and product development company that created iTunes has made an App an unbundling application.


This is where itself has been divided into separate applications with their apps; these are movie store, bookstore, audio store, and others; this was done to make the iTunes application easier to use.


However, for some reason, the iTunes desktop store has one website making the systems harder to use and navigate; the Apple Store is where the hardest to use platform for this reason.

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