The Autism Coalition of Ontario is Calling for Help.


Pointing out the individualized environment with the nursing system in Canada, one has been pointed out another type of misrepresentation with yet again another issue that has come to light amongst a plea for resolve and a plea for more help for an illness known as:



This disease or illness or medical disability has taken away from most children with learning needs, most importantly how a person will function upon reaching the age of an adult without all the tools necessary for their need to develop and take in information the person needs to utilize in society.




In Ontario, a growing list of children is growing in a system that had been formed by the provincial Liberal government, however, scrapped and dismantled by the new PC government dramatically. Making less than comforting “promises” to build a system that would assist children with Autism in a program that is contracted to the Ministry, but in fact, run by a third-party association.


For reasons untold to families, one of the “promises” made for the children was direct funding with two cheques a year, with the amount undisclosed until further testing on the child that would determine their eligibility for the program.



Only eight thousand children have been considered in sequence from the date applied for the benefit, while the other forty-three thousand children and their parents are still without answers in this manner.


The numbers proposed for each child do not seem to be quite the match for the amounts needed to help preserve the educational need for the children with Autism, with numerous families doing their best to get the message out to the public and raising awareness of the matter.



In a sense, this has taken a drastic toll on families who are left without answers, the help they have pleaded for, and with a less positive attitude towards the current government.

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