The Armed, Deadly Hardcore Punk Experimental Assault.

Managed to built a legacy of an anonymity in the world of interchangeable identity. The Armed with its repulsive, exploding sounds bridging between Hardcore creed and binary tendencies of d-beat; gushed and fueled with sense of belonging in these chaotic times.

The Armed is a band that exist within the realm of the latest 4th industrial movement. Where identity is a part of less exciting economical venture; bludgeoned us with a plethora of another consuming act—in exchange of a more exciting part of our life that’s easily fabricated, and most of all simulated.

Relational algebra, uniting order among chaos.

With its signature symbols that often linked with database algebra formula; The Armed use it as a visceral and primal visual call. Hailed from Detroit, Michigan, this anonymous 4-5 something group; has a lot more to offer than just guttural voice, slamming instruments, and cyberpunk sensibilities.

The Armed Logo. (Image credit: Facebook)

Made a history of being evasive in construct—debut releases with Kurt Ballou of Converge helmed as Exec. Producers back in 2009 with These Are Lights. Continue to make mark in the history of music with few ep and full album releases. The Armed best known for its experimental and more on the side of enforcing us the uncomfortable—without making us feel uncomfortable in the process.

As the years go by many discipline of musical acts, naturally join the flock. To be the part of this amazingly restless, unfiltered balls of energy. Like a massive giant stars that collides and begs the universe to watch; The Armed born out of necessities in indulging in chaotic future lies ahead. The more darker corner of the Hardcore Punk side with a touch of cynical, grounded in realism point of views.

Are we ready enough with the anonymity to resurface?

Enigmatic is not even close enough to what makes The Armed pivotal. With its latest live peformance at the Adult Swim Festival of 2021. They have proven to us that with its many individual members, blurring the identity of each an melded in one conjoined acts. The musical acts of old or new or maybe on what’s to come by. Always need a sense of make-believe element in order for it to works.

The Armed is also too are the same in that way. By having a core members name always redacted or unlisted and interchangeable throughout the whole discography. Many die-hard fan are even worshiping this part of what makes the band so interesting. The-not-so comfy enough to be boxed in by just a of what the artist life makes it to be; but what the finish products are able to do to us as listeners.

With so many guest that already fulfill their part and made their way into The Armed discography; many soon will comes with its ideas and part to play as well. Troy Van Leeuwen, Ben Koller of (Drummer in Only Love (2018) and many more. With so many arguably larger mindset of what makes a band ‘a band’; The Armed blending in perfectly into the 2020s with ease.

Ultrapop & more… on the stage presence and not so endangered anonymity.

The band latest entry Ultrapop (2021), joined by Urian Hackney on Drums, Carla Drolshagen & Adam Vallely both providing vocals; and blessed by Gary Clark of the muscular keyboardist like no other, and even Chris Slorach are now also part of. The Armed with no short of unbreachable layers of instrumentation—courageous stance of one liner catchy pop vocals, saturated screamed vocals, and thunderous drums. Ultrapop has cemented the band position as a more gargantuan threat of enigma among the industry. And the statement of this now 8-piece group has now showcasing a lot more monstrosity that lurks on the horizon.

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