The All New Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Land Cruiser officially launch in Indonesia

The All New Toyota Fortuner and Toyota Land Cruiser officially launch in Indonesia 

image source: OTO

New Toyota Fortuner and All New Land Cruiser Officially paved in Indonesia through an online launch event on Thursday (1/13/2022). Susumu Matsuda, President Director of PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) said that the MPV is still the type of favorite car of the Indonesian people. However, the last decade, SUVs also began popular globally and in Indonesia. “We hope New Fortuner and the All New Land Cruiser can support the mobility of the Indonesian people,” he said at the launch of the New Fortuner and the All New Land Cruiser on Thursday (1/13/2022).

Vice President Director of PT TAM Henry Tanoto also explained that the interest of SUV vehicles increased. If in 2011, it only contributed 12.3 percent, while 2021 rose to 35 percent. “Land Cruiser has become a part of transportation in Indonesia. It is known to be a reliable car to fill the Premium SUV segment,” he said. The All New Land Cruiser is the latest generation that continues the 200 Land Cruiser (LC 200). All components change in the latest generation of this Land Cruiser or can be called LC 300.

What change that occur for the two SUVs?

Design, the appearance changes completely even though it still carries the previous generation of Land Cruiser aura. The biggest change is the use of the TNGA-F platform which is 20 percent more rigid. In addition, the weight of the total land cruiser is also much reduced thanks to the use of aluminum body materials in various parts. Of course with a lighter weight it will affect fuel consumption and tire use. In the cabin, it was also overhauled with a more futuristic design. Plus the existence of a large screen (12.3 inches) that functions to display information when doing off road.

LC 300 sold in Indonesia is available in two choices, LC 300 GR-S 4×4 A / T and LC 300 VXR 4×4 a / t. TAM only offers one machine, which is 3.3 L V6 Diesel which produces 309 PS or 306 TK power and 700 Nm of torque distributed to a 10-speed automatic transmission. The new component installed in the latest fortuner is the engine that now uses 1GD with a capacity of 2,800 cc. The new engine produces far greater power than previously (2GD-FTV). The latest machine is embedded on the Fortuner VRZ 4×2 model, VRZ GR SPOR 4X2, and VRZ GR SPOR 4×4. Toyota also still provides a 2GD engine variant for Fortuner type G. For the price, the All New Land Cruiser is Rp. 2.327 billion (VXR) and Rp. 2,378 (GR-S). Whereas for New Fortuner 1GD, priced at Rp. 580.9 million (VRZ 4X2), Rp. 597.9 million (VRZ GR SPORT 4X2) and Rp. 684.5 million (VRZ GR SPORT 4X4).

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