The Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in a Community and Living Alone

Living with others, your worst nightmare?

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Living abroad is always challenging for people, some people choose to live in a flat or an apartment if they can afford it, but the majority of people are not rich, so living in a community or a flatshare is the most common people choice for a living when going to study or working abroad.


Dubai was my first destination for college study, and I live in a house with 13 people from around the world, especially from the middle east such as Pakistan, India, and the Philippines.


So is it a dream house or a nightmare?


Let’s look at the pros and cons.


If you live alone, you don’t say why the kitchen isn’t clean, or why you can’t find your charger, because you know that it’s under your responsibility, and there is no ghost in your room except yourself, you also have your privacy, you can have a quiet environment,  you can arrange and decorate your flat, depends on your mood and vibes, you can work and sleep peacefully without anyone to disturb, and that’s what everyone wants for a living.


on the other hand, living alone isn’t that cool and fun,  there is no one around you if you need any helping hand, you have to pay someone to fix it, you will be alone quite a lot, and you don’t have any contacts at home to invite you out and help to meet new people, which is very important if you are in a new town, obviously you can go out and socialize with a stranger but there is no one at home which you can share a cup of tea with, and talk about your day.



it’s not all rosy to live with other people, though, Being around 13 people in a single flat isn’t easy it is even worse.


You make a cake and think to eat it after a long journey of work, and it has mysteriously gone without even knowing who you gonna blame, and you can’t even try to make a nice sleep at night as you heard a lot of noise or people who are doing a party by singing loudly next to you.


don’t even think to take a nice bath if you didn’t wake up early because there is not even hot water anymore, the worst thing is when you have to deal with other’s drama because of the misunderstanding between you both.


Living in a community is very difficult, but I’m not gonna say it’s always bad.


Living in a community helps you to deal with your problems, someone who is there to listen and hug you when you are in trouble is better than being alone and deal everything on your own, you have the chance to get friends which can even become a family for you in the future, as a human being, the most important is the love which we share with others and being loved in return, doing everything in your own can lead you to depression, especially if you are abroad.


living in a community is a challenge for everyone, but living alone isn’t always fun,  we live in a society in which everything has its good and bad side, but it’s your choice to make it a better way, the most important isn’t the place wherever you are living but being in an area that makes you happy.


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