The 7482 (1994 PC1) Asteroid will safely pass by earth on 18 January 2022

An asteroid namely 7482 (1994 PC1) will safely passed Near Earth on mid-January

A 3,400-foot (1 kilometer) asteroid will fly past Earth. The asteroid will pass very close to Earth with a distance of 1.2 million miles. This distance is equivalent to five times the distance of the moon at its closest point to the earth. So that according to experts the asteroid will pass safely. According to NASA, this will be one of the asteroids that have passed very close to Earth since January 17, 1933.

Based on  NASA’s Center for Near Earth Object Studies, the asteroid will pass at a speed of 47,344 miles per hour. The asteroid, named 7482 (1994 PC1), will pass on Tuesday January 18 at 4.51 p.m. ET. Although not among the largest asteroids to pass through the earth. 7482 (1994 PC1) which was discovered back in 1994 is a pity to miss. According to NASA, 7482 (1994 PC1) will cross Earth again in July 2022 but with a very large distance. This asteroid will pass again with a very close distance on January 18, 2105 with an estimated distance of 1,445,804 miles.

What is an asteroid anyway?

Asteroids are rocks that float freely in space. These rocks are remnants of the early formation of the solar system. There are a large number of asteroids in space, but only a small number of them cross the earth in very close trajectories. Asteroids that cross the earth with very close trajectories, are called near-Earth objects (NEOs). One of the largest asteroids recorded to ever cross Earth is 3122 Florence (1981 ET3). The asteroid with a size of between 2.5 miles and 5.5 miles passed on September 1, 2017, and will pass again on September 2, 2057.

Can Asteroid be Seen with Naked Eye?

Due to its extremely close orbit to Earth; 7482 (1994 PC1) can be seen by simple telescopes even with the naked eye. If you are interested in seeing the asteroid. Then this asteroid will be visible hours after its approach to the south; in the lower left-hand side of the Pisces formation.

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