Tesla Signs Deal With Nuevo Leon

Tesla has entered into a contract with the Mexican state of Nuevo Leon to receive its own express lane at the border between the United States and Mexico. According to Bloomberg, Nuevo Leon is known as one of Mexico’s most “pro-business” states. Construction, transportation, financial services, and insurance showed the largest levels of growth in Nuevo León, which continues to be significantly higher than the national average of 2.53 percent.

The dedicated lane is not intended for usage by specific Tesla car owners. Instead, it is set aside for the transportation of Tesla’s suppliers between Mexico and Texas; there are at least six suppliers in Nuevo Leon. The lane’s main objective is to hasten travelers’ passage through the Colombia Solidarity checkpoint.

Ivan Rivas, the minister of economy for Nuevo Leon, told Bloomberg that the country wants a crossing that is considerably faster and more effective than if the lane wasn’t in place. And perhaps in the future, other businesses will make such investments with companies who can afford such luxuries like the new express lane Nuevo Leon has entered in with Tesla.

The lane appears to only be functional for southbound traffic, though. According to Rick Pauza, a public affairs representative for US Customs and Border Protection, There are currently only the standard cargo lanes and the Free and Secure Trade lane for northbound commercial truck traffic on the Colombia-Solidarity Bridge; the latter is reserved solely for businesses that have signed up for the CBP-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism programme. There isn’t a special lane reserved for Tesla or any other corporation.

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