Ten Tips To Deal With Anxiety At Work


Stress and anxiety are sadly common emotions felt by people in employment. A staggering 79% of UK adults admitted to feeling stress when in the workplace in 2020, and it was not just the pandemic that caused it. Figures show that the statistics between 2019 and 2020 were very similar.


Because of this, workplaces have introduced health and well-being measures to take care of their staff, but sometimes there can be long waits to access amenities on offer and you may need a short-term ‘quick fix’ to help at the moment. Alternatively, you may be self-employed or work in a place that either doesn’t have health and well-being measures or you aren’t entitled to them due to your contracted hours being too low.


So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or anxious, use the following ten tips to ease the feeling and help yourself carry on through the day.


1) Breathe.

It is a simple technique that is used for all types of anxiety and panic, but deliberately slowing your breathing and focusing on it can help you feel calmer, slow your heart rate, and make you feel more in control.


2) Chew gum.

If you can, chew a piece of strongly flavored gum. The strong flavor will take over your senses and override anxious feelings.


3) Be in the moment.

Remember that you can only do so much in a day. Take it one hour at a time and divide tasks into smaller ones to feel more on top of your workload.


4) Delegate tasks.

If possible, delegate tasks that you feel can be done by other people with a lower workload. Alternatively, work with a colleague to complete a bigger task.


5) Praise yourself.

When you have completed a task successfully, praise yourself and treat yourself to something, even if it is just a cup of tea or a quick break to chat with a colleague.


6) Take breaks.

Breaks are vital for employees as they give them a chance to get away from their desk/work environment and relax. Asides from a lunch break, when you can, take 5 minutes here and there. It should help you feel more motivated and calmer.


7) Exercise.

Get up and go for a short walk, even if it is just around the building to do an errand. The time between leaving one room and going to another on the other side of the building can be spent breathing and focusing on your plans for the evening.


8) Make plans for when you get home.

Having something to look forward to will motivate you to get through the day. Plan something fun, or perhaps plan to have your favorite food for dinner that evening as a treat for making it through the day successfully.


9) Remember how much of an impact your work has.

Everyone’s jobs are useful. Without employment, the human race would not function as well as it does. Even if you have a small role within your workplace, your role is important and therefore you are important. One successful task can make someone else’s day.


10) Talk about it.

Let your colleagues and boss know how you are feeling. They can empathize and may offer help that you were unaware was available to you. They can also help lighten your workload where possible or adjust things so you feel more comfortable coming to work.


We hope you have found these tips helpful!

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