Ten Preventive Measures To Avoid A Fire Outbreak While Cooking


Cooking is an essential life skill as it is the way to prepare the food we eat. We all know that we have to eat nutritious and healthy food to live well. However, most cooking methods involve the use of fire or electricity, which is hazardous to your health.


Research has proven that the highest cause of home fires is cooking. It is, however, impossible for humans to stop cooking as it is fundamental to our survival. This is why we have to take precautions while cooking and never leave our cooking unattended.

Important Precautions To Prevent Fire Outbreaks While Cooking

  1. Always monitor your cooking, especially when using high temperatures. It is advisable to remain in the kitchen until your cooking is done. When you leave the kitchen, something else might catch your attention and you’d forget all about the food you’re cooking.
  2. Wear tight-fitting clothes. Loose clothes can get caught in the flame of the cooking stove.
  3. Keep every combustible or flammable item away from the cooking area. Paper or food wrappers have no business on or around the cooking stove.
  4. Always unplug electric appliances when not in use. Also, make sure to switch off the sockets.
  5. Install working smoke alarms in the kitchen.
  6. Keep the pot closed when cooking with hot oil.
  7. Have a fire extinguisher nearby.
  8. Keep the kitchen clean. Clean as you cook!. Grease can help a fire spread faster so make sure to wipe every grease spill.
  9. Keep kids away from the kitchen. A kid in the kitchen is a dangerous distraction. Kids can ignorantly do things that can start up a fire too.
  10. Keep your BBQ Grills away from the house at least ten feet.


If a fire escalates out of your control. Run out to safety with your family and call the fire service immediately.

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