Tekken 8 Reveal Trailer: Small Details and Points You Might Have Missed

After seven years of Tekken 7 (what a coincidence!), Sony’s State of Play stream broke the news; Tekken’s eighth entry to the saga was officially announced on Wednesday. Previously teased by series director Katsuhiro Harada last month, the video of the series’ staple character Kazuya giving the camera a devilish grin with the caption ‘GET READY’ had fans speculating news on the next installment would follow soon. There were some notable points in the trailer that may indicate parts of the storyline and gameplay.

The trailer starts off on rubble amidst a thunderstorm, with a G Corporation logo laying on the ground. Not far from it is presumably a G Corporation soldier’s helmet. Considering Kazuya’s ownership of said business, it seems that the Tekken Forces will return as well. The next scene shows the main focus of the game’s plot: Jin Kazama, son of Kazuya Mishima, who is also present in the trailer. The scene quickly switches to an ingame view after a brief exchange of words between the two. Before it, the first attacks reference Bandai Namco’s intro sequence used for the Tekken games.

Eagle-eyed fans may notice that both men have revamped models, with the most noticeable quality being the Mishima/Kazama family’s trademark spiky hair being shorter than previous depictions. Jin starts off using a basic attack from his moveset, as both continue to exchange blows. The slow-motion effect previously embedded in Tekken 7 seems to be making a return as well.


p class=”MsoNormal”>Graphics showcase aside, the fight continues to display some moves taken from their individual movesets, such as the iconic Electric Wind God Fist and Kazuya’s spinning kick. Kazuya does the same grin from the teaser after knocking down his son. After an electric uppercut, Jin lends himself some power from his devil form to deliver a powerful blow. The halved transformation is a crucial moment in this trailer, implying that some parts of his devil form; which is a separate playable character in previous installments, could be integrated into his moveset. Lore wise, Jin constantly avoids using his devil heritage due to the danger it possesses, but seems to have better control over it. The trailer ends with red-hot chains breaking and forming an 8 and the logo.


p class=”MsoNormal”>The game will be available on current gen consoles including the PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC. The trailer is noted to be rendered on the PS5, with Unreal Engine 5 as its game engine. If the trailer is to be believed, then interactions with the environment would be much livelier; though weather effects could still use some work, seeing as how the rain has minimal effect on the character models. Regardless, the game is still work-in-progress, but shows great promise, one that it would need to keep up with Street Fighter 6, which is ahead on showing what it has to offer. Still, it is exciting to see what’s in store for the continuation and possibly a conclusion to the Mishima/Kazama family vendetta.


(Images taken from Tekken 8’s reveal trailer and Bandai Namco)

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