Tears of Themis Upcoming “Cooking Trials” Event


Tears of Themis, a popular Otome dating game developed by miHoyo, released an upcoming event preview on their official Twitter.


The announcement posted on Wednesday, (09/03) details an upcoming event titled “Cooking Trials: Cookies” that would last from (11/3) 11:00  until (21/3) 04:00 (UTC+9) for a limited time.


During the event, players can obtain cookie ingredients such as “Cookie Dough” and random toppings by completing daily tasks in “Supplies”.


Next, players can make a wish to Tabby, a “chonky orange cat” to obtain specific toppings. By making a wish to Tabby, players can receive specific toppings after a certain amount of time and are only limited to selecting one topping per wish. 


The “Cookie Research Lab” is available during the event where players can research new cookie recipes by adding a variety of different toppings. When players discover a new cookie recipe successfully, Cookie Dough x1 and selected toppings will be used, and the new recipe will be added to the Recipe Book.


Unlocking 16 Cookie Recipes will allow players to obtain an event-limited badge, “Cookie Expert”. Another mechanic is introduced where players can also use the special cookies that were created and gift the cookies to one of the four romantic male leads and wait for their reply.


Players will be rewarded S-Chips, Stellin, and other materials upon completing event tasks and event daily tasks that will be reset each day at 4:00 (UTC). Players are also able to obtain a maximum of 4 Cookie Dough each day.

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