Tears of Themis: “Secrets of the Tomb” New Upcoming Event!


Another big event is here for Tears of Themis by miHoyo! Starting from 29 April until 20 May at 04:00 (UTC+9) you can participate in the “Secrets of the Tomb” event.


In this event, you can look forward to new gameplay, event-exclusive banners, and Sandstorm-Themed Outfits & Backgrounds.


Much like the event title, the timeline and setting event doesn’t take place in modern Stellis but in the mysterious ruins of Khaimit during what seems like Ancient Egypt Civilization.




The gameplay consists of a Main Story “Shadows of Resurrection” and a Side Story where players can obtain “Antiquated Coins” upon completing tasks from the Main Story and Side Story.


Other items can also be obtained, such as “Tears of Themis – Limited”, S-Chips, Selection Star MR, event-limited commemorative badge “Roaring Sands”, along with R cards: Luke “Wilful Youth,” Artem “Systematic,” Vyn “Fated Invitation”, Marius “Kingly Praise”, and their card fragments.



Other than that, the “Tomb of Ita” is available for players to explore and get exploration points. By using energy, players can clear debris and dig for treasure to obtain “Antiquated Coins” and Exploration XP to increase your Exploration Rank.


Players can find and open backpacks, which contain over 20 random Exploration Tools, which all have different exploration effects including Metal Detector, Brush, Excavation Minibot, and Lost TS Data amongst others.



“Secrets of the Tomb” Banner

This event-exclusive banner can only be used with “Tears of Themis – Limited” obtained from the tasks in the Main Story and Side Story.


In this banner, you can pull a total of 4 SSR-Cards of the main love interests including:

  • Luke SSR – “Overflowing Thoughts”
  • Artem SSR – “Echoes Ablaze”
  • Vyn SSR – “Flickering Moonlight”
  • Marius SSR – “Dimly Lit”

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