‘Tears of Themis’ Releases Episode 6 of Main Story

At last, otome game Tears of Themis developed by miHoyo just released ‘Main Story Episode 6’ titled “A Vicious Cycle” on Friday, (04/03).


Tears of Themis, a mobile dating-sim game features four love interests with different looks and personalities: Luke Pearce, Vyn Richter, Artem Wing, and Marius von Hagen that players can interact and pursue a romantic relationship with throughout the game.


(Source: @TearsofThemisEN | Official Twitter Account)

The main story continues with Episode 6, “A Vicious Cycle” where the players investigate a new case involving a suspected illegal drug dealer, following the death of a victim. This time, players ensue the case with one of the love interests – Artem Wing. 


The suspect, Ava Kendricks is the Head of Denman Financials and is shown to be a “highly powerful female entrepreneur” that showed up at the same time at the bar where the victim, Naomi Anderson, died. The victim’s boyfriend, Jerry Jones, still mourns for her death as he folded origami cranes and burns them in her memory. 


The event period for the new release of this episode lasts from March 4 (04/03) 2022 11:00 until March 11 (11/03) (UTC+9). The event details include double drop rates for card fragments from anomaly levels from Episodes 1-6.


Players can complete limited-time tasks to obtain rewards such as Tears of Themis, S-Chips, and other materials for this level, similar to previous levels. 


“A Vicious Cycle II” will be released and available to play on March 18 (18/03), which is a continuation of “A Vicious Cycle I”


Tears of Themis have also released a new background pack, “Orchideshine Street” featuring classical aesthetics that will be available in the mall from (04/03) 11:00 until (25/03) 04:00 (UTC+9).

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