Tears of Themis Releases “Electrifying Night” Event!


Otome game Tears of Themis developed by miHoyo just released the new “Electrifying Night” event on Friday, (18/03).


This even features a new banner, with the 4 main love interests wearing cool and sporty outfits. Although the banner isn’t released yet, a mini-event is available for players to participate in. 


The mini-event involves a mini-puzzle, where players need to complete event tasks to obtain ‘Electrifying Souvenir’ and other rewards to complete the puzzle.


The ‘Electrifying Souvenir’ is supposed to be exchanged to puzzle pieces, where players can drag the exchanged puzzle pieces to the correct spot. 


If players collect the same 5 puzzle pieces, it can be exchanged for a guaranteed new puzzle piece. 


As players continuously collect puzzle pieces and gradually complete the puzzles, players are able to claim respective rewards such as: 5 puzzle pieces for Stellin, 10 puzzle pieces for Oracle of Justice III, and 300 S-Chips for 25 puzzle pieces.


The “Electrifying Night” Event Banner will include a total of 2 SSR Cards and 2 SR Cards:

(Source: miHoyo Hoyoverse)

  • Luke SSR “Skyflying”

The card illustration showcases Luke in a boyish skater-boy outfit, with a fashionable headband, gloves while riding a skateboard.

  • Vyn Richter SSR “Neon Light Rhythm

Instead of his usual Doctors coat, this illustration shows Vyn wearing a more casual outfit with a choker, sunglasses, and his hair tied while playing a synth.

  • Artem Wing SR “Victorious Ball”

This SSR also shows Artem wearing a casual outfit, wearing nerdy glasses instead of his formal work attire – while playing basketball.

  • Marius von Hagen SR “Wild Dazzling Graffiti”

The illustration shows Marius spraying graffiti while wearing a black t-shirt and a fashionable choker.


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